POTD: Remnants

POTD: RemnantsRemnants
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

I pretty much swore off of taking photographs of the all-too-often photographed Tetons a long time ago. But damn if they aren’t fine looking mountains; so fine they call my camera lens like a siren song whenever I’m down there. I often succumb and console my guilt about the backsliding by concentrating on close-in shots that aren’t usually recognizable as the Tetons. In this case I was interested in the dissipating remnants of clouds from a storm that had passed through earlier that afternoon. (Note that the dark area behind the clouds is not sky, rather it is a bigger, taller part of the mountain.)

3 thoughts on “POTD: Remnants”

  1. Love the play of fog/clouds among the ridges. I shoot this often just by my home. Good take on the Tetons as just another mountain range! 😉

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