August 2015

Summer Projects

20150829_131845Summer Projects
(photo by Connie Blackwood)

 I’ve done a lot of things this summer from attending five art shows to hiking and some travel as well. But pound for pound (literally) this has to be my most significant summer project this year.

After digging back the hillside from our garage in late spring and early summer, I started collecting rocks from an area down behind the garage and stacking them up to form this wall. With the exception of digging the rocks out of the hill behind the garage (which I did with my tractor and backhoe), all the work was done by hand, with each rock being moved several times in the process of getting them into place. The wall is about 30 feet long and 12 feet tall at it’s tallest point. Doing some rough calculations to figure out how much weight I’d actually lifted in the project I came up with the answer “a whole heck of a lot.”

This version of the wall is much better engineered than last year’s failure so I’m hoping I’ll have to find some other way to stay in shape next summer!

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POTD: Good Guys, Bad Guys

POTD: Good Guys, Bad GuysGood Guys, Bad Guys
Bozeman, Montana

I’ve got a few more images to post from the ranch rodeo we attended last month. As I’ve mentioned before, contestants in this ranch rodeo had to be working ranch hands on a ranch running at least 200 head of cattle. They are not professional rodeo cowboys like you generally see at a rodeo, but they’re damn good at what they do.

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