POTD: Hard Landing

POTD: Hard LandingHard Landing
Bozeman, Montana

I hope this cowboy didn’t have his tongue between his teeth when he hit the ground.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Hard Landing”

  1. Something about the lighting on this photo, makes me feel like I’m looking at a photo from a light/sound stage for some TV production from the 50s/60s. And the mountains in the background look like they are painted on a backdrop.

    1. Interesting that you see it as stage scene with artificial lighting. The lighting impression is perhaps due to it being late in the day, near sunset, so it’s pretty dramatic. And the mountains might look painted on because they are in the distance and hazy, so are less dramatically lit to the extent that they look incongruent with the foreground, suggesting artificiality. (Use of a term that has a strict mathematical meaning in a geometry context not intended, but perhaps appropriate for the math teacher commenter!)

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