July 16, 2015

The Higher I Get the Higher I Get

20150714_103424Zippy on Mount Blackmore
(photo by Robert Boik)

Sometime back in the mid-seventies I was sitting on top of 11,400 foot Mount Baldy in Arizona with a friend enjoying the view after our long hike up when a small group of Boy Scouts and their leader arrived. After sitting there for a while the leader said to his scouts “the higher I get, the higher I get,” a double entendre that still generates quite a chuckle. These days, I don’t often get as high as I did back then, but I did get out hiking the other day and enjoyed the spectacular views from the heights of 10,200 foot Mount Blackmore near Bozeman.

POTD: Solar Flare

POTD: Solar FlareSolar Flare
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The view across Jenny Lake in the Tetons. This one definitely violates my “no more recognizable Teton images” vow, but I was really most interested in the sun reflecting on the water; the mountains just happened to get in the way, sort of a geological photo-bomb you might say.