June 2015

POTD: Like Sands Through the Hourglass

POTD: Like Sands Through the HourglassLike Sands Through the Hourglass
Bozeman, Montana

I didn’t realize the metaphor potential in this shot of flower petals dropping until I noticed the clock in the background when I was framing up the compostion in my viewfinder. I guess I could have gone the Steve Miller Band route rather than the soap opera route for the title: “Time keeps on slippin‘, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.”

Nice Things to See at an Art Show


LgbtSalt Lake City, Utah
(Photo by Connie Blackwood)

The amazing thing is that this flag is flying at a city building. In Salt Lake City. In Utah. Bob was right, the times are in fact changing.

POTD: Well-Used

POTD: Well-UsedWell-Used
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Do buffalo grow new horns? I hope so, this one really needs some replacements. They probably get worn down from all the tourists tossing they like to do when folks wander a bit too close. (No, I wasn’t that close. I was sitting safely in my car across the road trying out my new telephoto lens.)

POTD: Storm-Swept Landscape

POTD: Storm-Swept LandscapeStorm-Swept Landscape
Denver, Colorado

When I saw this dust on a stucco wall, it immediately reminded of a storm sweeping over a mountainous landscape, reminiscent of old Japanese paintings like these:

Japanese Painting #1


POTD: Late for a Very Important Meeting

POTD: Late for a Very Important MeetingLate for a Very Important Meeting
Denver, Colorado

This would have been a more surprising encounter for me if I didn’t know the Comic Con convention was going on in the building behind these two. (And a more curious POTD experience for you if I hadn’t mentioned that!)