Things You Don’t Want to See at an Art Show

107Salt Lake City Utah
(Photo by Connie Blackwood)

¬†This was yesterday across the street from the art show–at 11:30 a.m. Supposed to be hotter today. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Things You Don’t Want to See at an Art Show”

  1. I guess it is hot everywhere. Yesterday it was 104 by 3:00 with 2 to 3 more hours to heat up. Don’t know where it topped out at but today is supposed to be cooler, at 99. The weather forecast is always cooler by at least 5 degrees. Heating up again next week.

    1. I wouldn’t mind the heat so much if I wasn’t out in it 12 hours a day for four days. Fortunately my booth is in the shade almost all day (except of course the three hottest hours of the afternoon). But at around 100 degrees, even with low humidity, it’s still damn uncomfortable after a while even in the shade. Surprisingly there were still folks coming to the show during the heat of the day. They were mostly zombies though, walking around with a glazed look on their faces (much like us artists looked I imagine). Attendance, sales, and attitudes picked up significantly in the relatively cooler evening hours.

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