POTD: ET Roadkill

POTD: ET RoadkillET Roadkill
Denver, Colorado

I guess this poor little alien didn’t grasp the concept of crosswalks and walk signals, so got plastered on the pavement of busy Speer Street in downtown Denver.

It took me three or four tries to get the photo the way I wanted it. I had to wait for the walk signal, go out into the middle of the crosswalk, kneel down with my back to the stopped traffic, and take a couple of quick shots before it was time to scurry on across the street before the light changed. Even though I was pretty sure I was getting the timing right, it felt darn uncomfortable kneeling in the middle of a busy street with my back to the oncoming traffic that might or might not stop if I stayed too long where I was. And what if someone was turning right at the intersection so didn’t have to wait for the light to change? I felt too much like I might become roadkill myself, but anything for the shot!



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