August 2012

POTD: Problems of Scale #2

Problems of Scale #2 Wilsall, Montana 2012

I can see this as a night shot of a big office buildings with a lot of fluorescent tubes lit in the interior; as such it might make a good addition to my Measures of Anonymity (a.k.a. Gridlock) series. In actuality was taken inside the grain elevator in yesterday’s shot, with the light bars of course coming from the sun shining through the cracks between the boards in the wall.]]>

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POTD: Problems of Scale

Problems of Scale Wilsall, Montana 2012

I guess it’s not really a problem but the scale of this image is misleading to me, even though I was the one who took the photo. This structure looks like it was made of something on the order of Popsicle sticks when in fact each of the vertical boards is eight to ten feet long, making the the total height of what you see here thirty to thirty-five feet. (Oh by the way, this is the side of a rather “naked” wooden grain elevator–one I’ve photographed before and may very well have posted an image of similar to this one some time ago. But I find it intriguing so don’t personally mind the potential repeat.)


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POTD: Night Rider

Night Rider Jackson, Wyoming 2012

At the Jackson Hole Art Fair last weekend, the cheap artists like myself were allowed to stay in the parking lot of the fairgrounds for free. (Most had campers, but I just slept in my van.) The gravel parking lot in the middle of town provided pretty spartan accommodations, which was just fine except for Saturday night–the night of the regular rodeo they put on primarily for the tourists. That night we ended up more or less surrounded by pickups and horse trailers, which was also just fine except that apparently it is accepted behavior to just shovel manure out of your trailer onto the parking lot. So that evening the crisp night air was laced with a rather pungent odor.]]>

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