POTD: Night Rider

Night Rider Jackson, Wyoming 2012

At the Jackson Hole Art Fair last weekend, the cheap artists like myself were allowed to stay in the parking lot of the fairgrounds for free. (Most had campers, but I just slept in my van.) The gravel parking lot in the middle of town provided pretty spartan accommodations, which was just fine except for Saturday night–the night of the regular rodeo they put on primarily for the tourists. That night we ended up more or less surrounded by pickups and horse trailers, which was also just fine except that apparently it is accepted behavior to just shovel manure out of your trailer onto the parking lot. So that evening the crisp night air was laced with a rather pungent odor.]]>

7 thoughts on “POTD: Night Rider”

  1. The first camp trip we did with Amanda when she was about 1 year old was at a horse campground in Brown County, IN Not a very pleasant experience. Living in a van? Was it “down by the river”? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were practicing to be a motivational speaker.

  2. Just have to say, Larry, I always enjoy the b&w images more than the color ones, even though you had nice light on the sunflower & pea pods. The cowboy image is especially iconic! Everything about the romantic idea of the Old West (which of course doesn’t usually include the accompanying odors!) in that shot.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I know some of my readers really like the color stuff, but I’m with you–I prefer the B&W. As far as the Old West images go, perhaps horse manure is a part of it’s allure. Remember Colonel Potter’s line in MASH when he slipped in some and Radar apologized: “Son, to me, that’s a tiptoe thru the tulips!”? Or, to paraphrase another movie I can hear an old cowboy saying “I love the smell of horse hockey in the morning.”

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