POTD: Problems of Scale #2

Problems of Scale #2 Wilsall, Montana 2012

I can see this as a night shot of a big office buildings with a lot of fluorescent tubes lit in the interior; as such it might make a good addition to my Measures of Anonymity (a.k.a. Gridlock) series. In actuality was taken inside the grain elevator in yesterday’s shot, with the light bars of course coming from the sun shining through the cracks between the boards in the wall.]]>

6 thoughts on “POTD: Problems of Scale #2”

  1. Do you remember the corn crib in Grandma and Granddad’s horse barn? This reminds me of it and playing in it. I was always intrigued by the light coming through the slats. Interest what brings back memories.

    1. I thought I remembered that barn well, but I don’t remember the corn crib specifically. One of my favorite photographs from back in that day though is one with light streaming through the half opened door on the west side of the barn. (I was standing on the inside shooting out towards the door and the west wall.) Lot’s of crack lighting in that one too.

  2. I think I like this title (problems of scale) better than the anonymity one, even for subjects that are more recognizable in the image. This is a great one!

    1. I like the title “problems of scale” but don’t see it with the anonymity series. I wonder, is it worth coming up with a good series just for an interesting title? Perhaps so.

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