April 2012

POTD: Gridlock #16

Gridlock #16 Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

 The Tropicana Hotel. In the bright mid-day sun the wall of windows on the hotel was blindingly bright.Besides the fact that they (along with the bump-outs at the roof edge) added an interesting pattern to the almost all white composition, I found the operating windows unusual. Not many hotels have that feature anymore, especially on high up floors.]]>

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POTD: My Favorite Heinie

My Favorite Heinie Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

In case you can’t read it on the small screen, “My Favorite Heinie” is what it says at the bottom of this guy’s t-shirt. I assume it is a reference to Heineken beer (although interestingly enough there is no identifying label visible on the beer bottle). But still, it must take some interesting combination of humor, self-confidence, and/or ignorance to wear a shirt with such a strategically placed message on it–no matter what your body type.]]>

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My First Cover!

2012 Montana Triennial exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum beginning next month.

An art exhibit catalog ain’t the Rolling Stone and it ain’t my face (thank goodness) on the cover but the news still had this running through my head:


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POTD: Quick Lunch

Quick Lunch Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

It’s a little hard to tell with just a glance, but these four don’t appear to being having a whale of a time in Vegas. Or maybe they’re just exhausted from having just that.


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POTD: Vegas Abstract #4

Vegas Abstract #4 Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

Note the tip of the palm frond hanging down in the upper left hand corner of this image. At first it came across to me as a distracting flaw in the composition (one that I could easily have removed in Photoshop by the way). But then I decided I liked the bit of organic counterpoint to the harsh materials of the building components.]]>

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