May 2012

POTD: Five Window Chevy

Five Window Chevy Missoula, Montana 2012

For years I’ve fantasized about owning an old classic pickup. I’m not sure why because I don’t really want one, but I’m quite attracted to them nonetheless. Most of the time the most desirable candidate to me is an early 50s Chevy like this one known as a five window Chevy (because of the addition of two small windows in the back corners of the cab). If not an early 50s Chevy, I’d go for the next iteration of Chevy style–the mid to late fifties Apache pickup (also sometimes sporting five windows).]]>

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POTD: More Old News

More Old News Missoula, Montana 2012

Whenever I see a wall or bulletin board covered with fragments of old and not-so-old posters announcing all sorts of concerts, workshops, political rallies and other activities, I wonder what it would be like to be a cultural anthropologist from another planet or time trying to decipher what our civilization was all about if this was all the data they had to work with.]]>

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POTD: I See a Rhinoceros

I See a Rhinoceros Missoula, Montana 2012

I took this photo because “I see a rhinoceros” is my favorite line from a recent popular movie. I guess it seemed more significant to me than anyone else I know though because whenever I mention the line, even to people who’ve just seen the movie, no one remembers it. Any POTD readers know which movie I’m talking about?]]>

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POTD: Political Statement

Political Statement Missoula, Montana 2012

Another dumpster shot. All the dumpsters in this alley were labeled with the name of the business it belonged to. Nothing odd about that–but given the ongoing silliness in the news about family planning, this one seemed to have unintended political undertones.


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POTD: Contagious

Contagious Missoula, Montana 2012

I don’t know why this scene appealed to me, other than the interesting “Zink” graffiti. It makes me wonder if the post-modern trend in photography I for the most part despise is contagious. I’ll know I’ve succumbed if find myself renewing the subscription to Aperture magazine that I dropped several years ago in disgust.]]>

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