Day: May 12, 2012

If You Can't Stand the Heat

If You Can’t Stand the Heat Bozeman, Montana 2012

I have an issue with my heart that precludes me from wearing an airpack when I participate as a  firefigher on the Bridger Canyon Volunteer Fire Department, so I am relegated to running the pump on the truck or other such activities. I miss out on a lot of the action that way but it does free me up to take photos sometimes. This one is from the training we were doing today in a burn trailer which is basically an all metal semi-trailer set up to be configured like a house in which you can repeatedly light fires and then go in and put them out. Here I was standing just inside the door while one of the fires was being lit. I got this shot just before ducking back outside, but not before the heat got a little intense and I lost a bit of  hair on my eyebrows and arms.]]>

POTD: Not What It Looks Like

Not What It Looks Like Missoula, Montana 2012

Perhaps because I was in Missoula to attend functions at an art museum, when I saw this guy I thought he was working on a painting. But later, when I zoomed in on the computer, he seemed to be sticking something in his mouth. Maybe he was just chewing on the end of the brush, or maybe he was brushing his teeth instead of a canvas.]]>