POTD: I See a Rhinoceros

I See a Rhinoceros Missoula, Montana 2012

I took this photo because “I see a rhinoceros” is my favorite line from a recent popular movie. I guess it seemed more significant to me than anyone else I know though because whenever I mention the line, even to people who’ve just seen the movie, no one remembers it. Any POTD readers know which movie I’m talking about?]]>

7 thoughts on “POTD: I See a Rhinoceros”

  1. Well I’m probably totally wrong. For some reason I’m envisioning someone staring at clouds in the sky making that comment. And the only movie that comes to mind is Up!

  2. Well after doing my obligatory google search I see I am way off. Never even heard of the movie and I don’t think I’ve seen an Allen movie in years. I guess we walk in different movie circles ( I don’t run. That’s your other brother)

  3. I’m guessing Paris at Midnight. I saw the movie but don’t remember the line but I assume it was from hemingway. I also wonder if you saw it at the movie house in Missoula on the banks for the Clarks Fork river…..

    1. You are correct except that it was Dali who had the line. And you prove my point about people seeing it but apparently not getting as much out of the line as I did.

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