POTD: Quick Lunch

Quick Lunch Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

It’s a little hard to tell with just a glance, but these four don’t appear to being having a whale of a time in Vegas. Or maybe they’re just exhausted from having just that.


3 thoughts on “POTD: Quick Lunch”

  1. I’m intrigued by the motorcycles behind them – they all look the same – thought that was odd – maybe a rental place? Hope you had a good time in Vegas!

    1. Judy, you guessed right, those were rental cycles. I thought it their orderly array was a interesting contrast to the rather jumbled look of the four lunch eaters. I had a good time in Vegas as I had so much fun taking photos. Other than that though, I did not enjoy much else–the crowds too big, the noise incessant, etc. etc.

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