Day: April 28, 2012

My Favorite Heinie, a Second Opinion

Heine Brothers Coffee Louisville, Kentucky 2012 (photo by Kathy Madryga)

My sister sent me this photo in rebuttal to today’s POTD. The two handsome devils on the right would be Zippy and his brother-in-law.]]>

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I just took this photo a couple of hours ago. My first summer art show of the season starts less than four weeks, so I’ve been busy getting things ready. Lots of driving to do this summer, but I think I’ll postpone working on my van for a few days.]]>

POTD: My Favorite Heinie

My Favorite Heinie Las Vegas, Nevada 2012

In case you can’t read it on the small screen, “My Favorite Heinie” is what it says at the bottom of this guy’s t-shirt. I assume it is a reference to Heineken beer (although interestingly enough there is no identifying label visible on the beer bottle). But still, it must take some interesting combination of humor, self-confidence, and/or ignorance to wear a shirt with such a strategically placed message on it–no matter what your body type.]]>