March 2012

POTD: Remote Access

Remote Access Budapest, Hungary 2011

This is an ornate entrance to the main city library in Budapest. The library was open when I took this but this entrance was closed in favor of an very mundane modern door around the side of the building.]]>

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POTD: Girl Reading a Book #19

Girl Reading a Book #19 Budapest, Hungary 2011

I was impressed by two things about this young woman reading at a bus stop. First that she could read in such dim lighting. I recall thinking there was not way I could read in that light without a horrible amount of squinting. (It was not near as bright on that corner as the photo suggests–I brightened it up quite a bit in Photoshop.) And second, she has such straight posture; the first thing I do when I’m standing near a wall is to slouch against it.]]>

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POTD: Corvinus University

Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary 2011

This is the entrance to one of the main buildings of the Corviuus University of Budapest. I hung around for some time and can report that, in spite of its name, there did not appear to be any crows, ravens or related birds enrolled there.]]>

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POTD: Shopping Trip

Shopping Trip Bozeman, Montana 2012

This crow (or one who looks just like it) has been to a tree outside my studio window a number of times in recent days shopping around in the branches looking for good sticks for building a nest. He or she will poke around quite a bit each time before finding one suitable to the task. The branches are pretty tangled and the selected sticks often bulky, with several small branches attached, so there’s some interesting maneuvering required to find a clear flight path out of the tree. I’ve tried to convince it to just build its nest right there where I can watch it, but to no avail–it always flies off and disappears in the same direction so must be nesting some distance away.]]>

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POTD: City Hall Take 2

City Hall Take 2 Louisville, Kentucky 2011

Like the corner store photo I posted the other day, I also photographed this part of City Hall in Louisville when I was there last fall. (See the older photo here.) Also like the corner store, I knew I had photographed it before but had forgotten the actual composition I came up with before. As the photographer anyway, it’s interesting to see how my way of seeing things varied (or not) between the two different visits.]]>

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POTD: Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast Bozeman, Montana 2011

I was just about to head out the door yesterday morning for my usual Sunday morning breakfast with my wife when my fire department pager went off so I ended up going out with the guys instead. I’ve been on the volunteer fire department in Bridger Canyon for over four years now and have almost no photos to show for it. Now that I have a decent cell phone camera, it’s a little easier. Still by the time I get enough of a break in what I’m doing to take any photos, the best shots are gone–like when we first arrived on scene at this fire and there were flames coming out all of the windows. No one was in this little house when it caught fire but the ski bum who lived there had quite a shock I imagine when he got home after a beautiful day of spring skiing.]]>

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POTD: The Blackberry Prayer

The Blackberry Prayer Louisville, Kentucky 2012

Back when I worked in a cubicle farm I sometimes couldn’t avoid attending meetings frequented by too many (i.e. > 0) managers. In my later years on that job these managers all began sporting Blackberry smart phones (apparently still a major tool of choice for the business world). So going into these meetings you could tell the managers from the non-managers easily enough because the managers all had their heads bowed and their hands in their laps reverently checking their emails and text messages. Someone once told me that pious pose is called the Blackberry Prayer. This particular guy in Louisville didn’t come across as a major player in the business world but his stance seemed eerily familiar. The pose makes the man.]]>

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POTD: The Corner Cafe

The Corner Cafe Lousiville, Kentucky 2012

I first posted a photo of this corner store last October when I was last in Louisville. (You can see it here.) Once again I was attracted to it because of it’s Hopperesque qualities. And also once again I took this one on a Sunday morning when things were pretty quiet on the streets of Louisville.]]>

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