POTD: Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast Bozeman, Montana 2011

I was just about to head out the door yesterday morning for my usual Sunday morning breakfast with my wife when my fire department pager went off so I ended up going out with the guys instead. I’ve been on the volunteer fire department in Bridger Canyon for over four years now and have almost no photos to show for it. Now that I have a decent cell phone camera, it’s a little easier. Still by the time I get enough of a break in what I’m doing to take any photos, the best shots are gone–like when we first arrived on scene at this fire and there were flames coming out all of the windows. No one was in this little house when it caught fire but the ski bum who lived there had quite a shock I imagine when he got home after a beautiful day of spring skiing.]]>

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    1. Yes he did. Didn’t matter too much I guess given how much of the rest of the house burned but it made our job easier the the fire was on the other end of the house.

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