POTD: Back Door Tableau

Back Door Tableau Three Forks, Montana 2012

The not-so-grand entrance to an old grain elevator in Three Forks. Tableau is my new grand name for photos that I can’t think of a better descriptor for. I think it will become a very useful weapon in my own personal art-speak arsenal. When I’m feeling really art-speaky I plan on using the more pretentious spelling “tableaux” although apparently that’s actually just the plural form of the word. But I think adding the x to the word makes it look ever so more exotic–worth a little singular-plural confusion don’t you think? And really, given the current apparent state of the art in artist’s statements, who’s going to really care? None of it seems to make any sense anyway. There, now I’m feeling better. I’ve been working on a proposal for an exhibit the last couple of days and have been struggling trying to write something I think will interest the potential curator but at the same time won’t feel embarrassed to have normal people read. I think I’m walking a dangerously fine and potentially self-destructive line between taking my photographs seriously but not their promotion. But I’ve always thought that if you can’t make your work tasks meaningful, at least make them a fun challenge. (Here’s hoping that curators are too busy to read artist blogs!)]]>

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