My First Cover!

2012 Montana Triennial exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum beginning next month.

An art exhibit catalog ain’t the Rolling Stone and it ain’t my face (thank goodness) on the cover but the news still had this running through my head:


12 thoughts on “My First Cover!”

    1. Thanks MaryAnn, good to hear from you. I won’t be in Topeka this year, with the high cost of gas and since my mother is no longer living in Wichita, there’s less incentive to travel that far. I do love the Mulvane Art Museum show though–wish it was closer!

  1. Cool! Love the photo, too. BTW, have been meaning to mention my appreciation of the whole southern Utah series (Zion, I think).

    1. Thanks Jeff, and yes it was Zion. Looks like you’ve been having (or had) fun down in Bandolier. That’s a cool place too.

  2. I didn’t realize until I saw the actual print in the museum last night that this was NOT architectural but floral! 🙂 Nice job! And congratulations on having several prints in the show. I didn’t realize they had chosen more than the one for the cover of the catalog. I especially like the Adjudicators from your Opus Corvis series. Hope to see you at the lecture today.

    1. Thanks Kathy. Sorry I didn’t run into you last night. Defintely corner me at the talk. (Just don’t ask me any tough questions!)

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