July 2021

POTD: A Use for Pond Scum

A Use for Pond Scum
Bozeman, Montana

We’ve been fighting pond scum in one of our ponds for several years now. It turns out that not everyone thinks it useless and unsightly. I thought this frog was just sunning himself on this patch of scum but it turns out he was just on the job. A bug landed a few inches in front of him and, zap, lunch was served. Good things come to those who wait.

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POTD: Lives Real and Imagined #48

Lives Real and Imagined #48
Lander, Wyoming

I have a series of photos called Lives Real and Imagined that I worked on quite a bit a few years back, even publishing a set of them in LensWork magazine. That series featured photos contrasting real people with those portrayed in art or advertising. So this image doesn’t really fit directly into that theme in that it does not involves people; it does however suggest a new direction for the collection, i.e. delving into real and imagined botanical lives.

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POTD: Yes, We’re Open

Yes, We’re Open
Jeffrey City, Wyoming

Given the looks of the place, it probably takes at least the five open signs visible from this angle to convince people it is in fact open for business. Even then, I wasn’t convinced But there was a woman standing in the open front door, so it was at least occupied if not actually involved in commerce that day.

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POTD: Some Outside Help I Don’t Really Need

Some Outside Help I Don’t Really Need
Bozeman, Montana

We have a supposedly bear-proof bird feeder hanging from a crossbar on top of this tall pole. It’s on the end of a rope so it can be lowered down to refill it. Lately we seem to have acquired some help with caring for it. He’s a slow learner but I think he’ll eventually catch on. (Unfortunately.)



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