November 2016

POTD: Sugar #2

POTD: Sugar #2Sugar #2
Lovell, Wyoming

I call this photo I took earlier this month Sugar #2 because I took it at the same sugar beet plant that, nine years ago, I took one of my most popular images, Sugar.

Lovell, Wyoming

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POTD: Growth

POTD: GrowthGrowth
Bozeman, Montana

We’ve never planted sunflowers in our garden, yet a plant appeared on its own late this summer. It managed to produce a number of blooms before succumbing to frost.

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POTD: Waiting for Bill

POTD: Waiting for BillWaiting for Bill
Cody, Wyoming

A chair at the end of the hallway outside our room in the Irma Hotel overlooking the main drag in Cody. Buffalo Bill built the hotel and named it after his daughter Irma. Bill was not around much though and I pictured Irma sitting in this chair looking out over the street and wondering when she might next see her father.

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POTD: Rainy Night in Shanghai #5

POTD: Rainy Night in Shanghai #5Rainy Night in Shanghai #5
Shanghai, China

This shot looks very painterly, like a watercolor. I did not do anything purposely to achieve this look. For those photo-geeks wanting to know, I think it resulted from the imperfect panning of the subjects and the noise reduction applied to the raw image–both which have the effect of reducing detail in an image. Purposeful or not, I think it has a nice look to it.

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