POTD: Game On #3

POTD: Game On #3Game On #3
Shanghai, China


4 thoughts on “POTD: Game On #3”

    1. The use of Arabic numerals seems very common. At least you see a lot of text all Chinese characters except the numbers (e.g. prices, addresses, etc.). Of course the use of Chinese characters for numbers might be even more prevalent as I wouldn’t be able to tell the numbers from the other characters!

  1. The earlier pictures in Game On seemed more traditional with mostly men or older men. Is the gaming just as popular with the women? Do they usually play segregated by gender?

    1. Steve, I’m certainly not an expert on such activities in China, but from my limited time there, while I saw quite a number of men playing games (once with a rather large crowd of other men watching them and discussing the moves), it was just this one instance where I saw women playing. Note that in the background of the photo, there is another group playing too. I think it might have been some kind of organized bridge club or something as opposed to what appeared to be just pick-up games the men were playing. I don’t recall seeing any mixed-gender games.

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