POTD: Waiting for Bill

POTD: Waiting for BillWaiting for Bill
Cody, Wyoming

A chair at the end of the hallway outside our room in the Irma Hotel overlooking the main drag in Cody. Buffalo Bill built the hotel and named it after his daughter Irma. Bill was not around much though and I pictured Irma sitting in this chair looking out over the street and wondering when she might next see her father.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Waiting for Bill”

  1. Empty chair images always cause me to create my own story. In this one, I hear the tick-tick of the radiator and feel the warmth emanating from it as I sit in the chair, just looking out….

    1. Yes, it does invite the viewer to make up a story or place themselves in the chair. You got it right about the warmth of the radiator–it was warmer there than in our room right on the other side of the wall where the heat was sometimes just barely enough to be comfortable.

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