POTD: Rainy Night in Shanghai #3

POTD: Rainy Night in Shanghai #3Rainy Night in Shanghai #3
Shanghai, China


4 thoughts on “POTD: Rainy Night in Shanghai #3”

  1. Did you use some flash in this shot to make the woman “sharp”? I see some ghosting from the man walking on the left that reminds me of flash with a slow shutter and movement. If not, great panning capture, likely from a vehicle?

    1. Kathy, that was a handheld shot at 1/5″ exposure time. I was on foot. She was of course moving, hence the attempt at panning to keep up with her.

  2. Good job, Larry! I’m currently teaching a class on making sharper hand-held photos in low light. I’ll be sharing your photo with the class next week when we work with moving subjects! Cool!

    1. I hope your class enjoys it Kathy. Given that even with the panning, the subject isn’t particularly sharp, the photo might be more a lesson in how blurry images can still be interesting!

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