POTD: Sleepy Town

POTD: Sleepy TownSleepy Town
Cody, Wyoming

The clerk at the Irma Hotel said that they pretty much “rolled up the streets” in Cody about 8 p.m. This was taken at 8:30, so I guess he was right.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Sleepy Town”

  1. Sounds like my kind of town!

    For non-artistic people like me, this photo is a very good and obvious lesson in how it’s all about the light. And perspective.

    1. Carol, I wouldn’t say you are not artistic at all. Certainly not with your writing and as far as the visual arts go I’d say you’re more in the “artistic ability but not currently practicing” category.

  2. You’re kind, Larry. If being an artistic writer includes banging one’s head against the wall for months (and enjoying every minute of it) while trying to write an hour long talk, then I am an artistic writer (with a sore, but happy head).

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