POTD: Nine Below

POTD: Nine BelowNine Below
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The sub-zero morning temps and the right amount of moisture in the air made for a nice looking coat of hoar frost on everything in the Lamar Valley when I drove through the other day.

3 thoughts on “POTD: Nine Below”

    1. Thanks Bruce, and yes I did have a warm coat etc. Although I shot that image of the tree from my car window, the warm clothes were needed later when I went skiing. I like my X-T1 a lot, but there are some things I still prefer about my Canon 7D, which I still use at times too. That the Canon and Fuji knobs/dials work backwards from each other is kind of a pain when I’m trying to adjust settings quickly. I’ve absolutely nothing bad to say about Fuji lens though, great glass all around.

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