Day: January 23, 2015

New Blog Format

I’m experimenting with a new blog format. It is optimized for better viewing on smart phones and other mobile devices. The mobile oriented format in fact does make for a better viewing experience on my smart phone but the visual look of the blog comes across as rather unrefined, especially when viewed on a computer screen rather than a mobile device. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be particularly customizable in ways the old format was, so it’s hard to change things much.

I’ll have to think about whether or not to keep to this new format or revert back to the old one. Any comments pro or con about this new look would be greatly appreciated–after all I’m not the target audience!

POTD: Nine Below #4

POTD: Nine Below #4Nine Below #4
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Nothing like an ultra-clear, cold day with deep blue skies for viewing and photographing mountains–in this case Baronette Peak. The lack of haze in the air really brings out the details, even from far away.