POTD: Skyscrapers

POTD: SkyscrapersSkyscrapers
Seattle, Washington

We were told that 14,411 foot Mt. Rainier is visible from Seattle less than 100 days per year which had us feeling a little special for being able to see it five of the six days we were there. This particular view is from the Space Needle.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Skyscrapers”

  1. Great! On my first visit to Seattle in the late 80s, I went in December & had clear skies for an entire week. I commented on seeing the mountain to some local ladies & they remarked enviously that it wasn’t fair that I came for a short time & got to see it…clear skies & alpenglow included! 🙂 You definitely deserve to feel special!

    1. Yeah the privileged undeserving few we are. 🙂 I’ve probably spent a total of about two weeks in my life in Seattle and as I recall, about 10 of those days were sunny. I can sympathize with the locals feeling that way about it not being fair. It’s kind of like putting up with the extreme weather we sometimes have in Montana and have tourists come in to enjoy a few days of the best of winter or summer weather. Locals have a sense of entitlement, having earned the view or the weather by putting up with all the other less pleasant days.

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