April 2013

POTD: Mr. Hyde's Trees

POTD: Mr. Hyde's TreesMr. Hyde’s Trees Paris, France 2013

These rather sinister looking trees in the Jardin Des Plantes were about to undergo a Jekyl/Hyde (or in this case a Hyde/Jekyl) transformation. They were starting to bud out when we were there, so by now they are covered with friendly looking bright green foliage, making them look fresh and inviting rather than ominous and foreboding.]]>

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POTD: Square Pegs

POTD: Square PegsSquare Pegs Paris, France 2013

I prefer Paris later in the spring when things are greener and more lush looking (not to mention warmer). But I must say I found the stark geometry of the bare, square cut trees in the parks around the city quite intriguing.]]>

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POTD: Lectio #21

POTD: Lectio #21Lectio #21 Paris, France 2013

Lectio (Latin: reading) is the new name for my series of images on reading. Even though this is the first use of that title, I numbered it twenty-one because I want to subsume the series formally know as Girl Reading a Book into the Lectio series, and there were twenty of those.]]>

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POTD: The Gauntlet

POTD: The GauntletThe Gauntlet Paris, France 2013

The main approach to Sacre Coeur from the nearest Metro station is lined on both sides with shops whose main goal is to part tourists from as much money as possible before they reach the bottom of the steps leading up to the basilica.]]>

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POTD: Art Spotter

J5106Art Spotter Paris, France 2013

A Dalmatian helps it’s owners pick out some art on Place du Tertre in Montmartre. There is a lot of art for sale on the square, although most of it gave me the impression that the next undiscovered Van Gogh, Monet or Picasso isn’t hanging out there.]]>

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POTD: La Maison Rose

POTD: La Maison RoseLa Maison Rose Paris, France 2013

This bistro was also the subject of a painting by Utrillo, although I didn’t try and recreate the composition on this one. Rick Steve’s guidebook on Paris says Utrillo used to hang out here, as did Picasso and Gertrude Stein. He goes on to say that today “it serves lousy food to nostalgic tourists.” Still looks good as artistic subject matter though.]]>

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