POTD: Square Pegs

POTD: Square PegsSquare Pegs Paris, France 2013

I prefer Paris later in the spring when things are greener and more lush looking (not to mention warmer). But I must say I found the stark geometry of the bare, square cut trees in the parks around the city quite intriguing.]]>

5 thoughts on “POTD: Square Pegs”

  1. That’s really weird. It makes my face feel funny (and I know that I’m revealing, again, how strange I am by saying that, but it’s the truth).
    Nice photo, though!

    1. Carol,I have to say I can’t argue with your calling that weird. I think your new nick name is going to have to be Funny Face. (It was either that or Weird Carol. :-O )

  2. I supposed this is a variation on topiary. I wonder how they look when the leaves are out. I still think Japanese bonsai is a more elegant form of tree “sculpture”! But these do look “weird”.

    1. All leafed out they still look geometric, but not in quite such a harsh way. I like bonsai trees too but still find these pretty cool. It must take quite a rig to get on top of them to trim them flat.

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