POTD: Underworld

POTD: UnderworldUnderworld Paris, France 2013

Below the busy, glitzy Saturday night Paris streets, along the Seine is a calmer, quieter world. It is quite dark in some areas, which can be a little intimidating especially when there are fewer people around; safety in numbers they say. But it’s actually pretty safe, at least if my walking there almost nightly for three weeks with no hassles is any indication. Well,  there was that one obnoxiously drunk Russian girl who, after her friend had just opened a new bottle of champagne, was very intent on  trying to get me to yell “mosol tov” at the top of my lungs like she was. But that was the worst. (Maybe she wasn’t Russian, I’m not sure. She sounded like it though. But I digress.) I liked walking down along the Seine, especially when I was mostly just out for exercise. It’s much easier walking than pin-balling through the crowds up on the streets. You just have to get used to the smell of urine under certain bridges.]]>