POTD: Girl Reading a Book #20

POTD: Girl Reading a Book #20 Girl Reading a Book #20 Paris, France 2013

If I remember right, this GRaB series got it’s start, or at least some of it’s earliest images, from our last trip to Paris six or seven years ago. There is still no shortage of girls reading in public in Paris (although not always traditional print media anymore). There are of course also plenty of women, men, and boys to be found reading as well–many of which I photographed this time around. So, I think I’m going to incorporate the GRaB series into a broader series on reading by both sexes and on books in general. I need to think of a good name for the new series, so for now will stick with the old title for this image. A new title is appropriate if for no other reason than I’ve come to think that the current title might be considered somewhat sexist as not all the subjects are young enough for the title “girl” to be totally appropriate (although no one’s called me the issue date). This young woman was reading in the garden at the Rodin Museum. I was bemused by what she was wearing, or more to the point not wearing. We were all trussed up in warm coats, scarves, gloves, and hats to ward off the chill; she on the other hand looked dressed for the spring day we wished it was. Not only that, but she looked comfortable sitting there in that weather. I think that kind of behavior is just another way the young keep¬† reminding us older folks that we are, well, in fact older.]]>