POTD: Half Moon

Half-Moon Zion National Park, Utah 2011

We’re in Zion for a couple of days. With this shot I guess I was trying to channel Ansel Adams and tease out a classic black and white landscape. There’s no Half Dome here though so I had to settle for a half moon. The funny thing is that I was really responding to all the brilliant colors in the canyon yesterday so I was sure I was going to end up with all color images for a change. But when I got to working with them on the computer last night, I only liked the results in black and white. So much for channeling Ansel Adams, the king of previsualization of image results as part of his artistic workflow.


6 thoughts on “POTD: Half Moon”

  1. Nicely Done! Zion is one of my favorite places. I shot it almost entirely in my color slide days & have never considered converting them to b&w. Thanks for the reminder!
    Having a moon is still an “ansel” thing because he wrote that he often was attracted to photographing the moon. Hope you took a drive over the pass to see the exhibit in Missoula. It will close on April 15.

    1. Thanks Kathy. We did see the Adams exhibit in Missoula when we were over there for the art auction. I’d seen many of those images before but a few good ones I at least didn’t remember seeing in person previously.

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