POTD: Cold Fireworks #2

POTD: Cold Fireworks #2Cold Fireworks #2
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


2 thoughts on “POTD: Cold Fireworks #2”

  1. Given your explanation of the position of the stems on the dark slope with the light only shining on them, I’m reminded of those tiny florets that were on a north slope along the Mt. Flora trail in CO that were closed when we went up the trail and opened when we returned later in the day…..

    1. Steve, I remember those flowers. I wonder if they were opening/closing in response to direct sun or just intensity of indirect light. Flowers that see shade all the time wouldn’t have the option of only fully opening when in direct sun. I always wonder about people who choose to build or buy houses in the Rockies built so close in to a steep north slope they don’t see direct sun at all during part of the winter. Always makes me feel chilled to think about that.

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