POTD: Nine Below #5

POTD: Nine Below #5Nine Below #5
Yellowstone National Park, Montana

What is it about a bare stick or two protruding from the snow that gives a frigid feeling no matter what the temperature actually is?

3 thoughts on “POTD: Nine Below #5”

  1. Here I thought today’s blog was supposed to remind me of statistical symbols long since forgotten. Presently I use a 17″ monitor running off a laptop to view the Blog. It is pretty old but I have no urge to replace it until it dies. When I do it will be with a larger monitor and we only use it in the office. I don’t haul the laptop around anymore. Michele has a Kindle Fire tablet. I have a Galaxy 3 which I will be updating to 4 or 5 within the year. On occasion we stream movies through our satellite provider using the DVR input through a not-really-smart TV. I wouldn’t look at the Blog through my Galaxy 3 (or 4 or 5). It is just too small a screen and I can’t seem to enlarge the picture (maybe the 4 or 5 will be able to?). Now Michele’s Kindle is a different matter. We can enlarge the picture and details are very sharp on it. Sorry if this tour of our media devices is inconclusive to your question.

    1. Thanks Steve and Kris for your feedback. Steve, I don’t know if your issue with the Samsung 3 is operator error or not (seems like you ought to be able to enlarge an image). I do know you can do it on the S4 (which I have) and the S5 (which Connie has). However, give the blog a try now on your S3. The way it’s set up now the image should come up “pre-enlarged,” meaning it’s formatted without the sidebar in the old version so the images are bigger to begin with.

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