POTD: Storm Over Elliot Bay

POTD: Storm Over Elliot BayStorm Over Elliot Bay
Seattle, Washington

I took this photo when I was down on the waterfront when the one rain storm we experienced in Seattle came through. It wasn’t your usual Seattle drizzly rain, rather it poured quite hard for 20 or 30 minutes. The sun had been out shortly before the storm hit and you could see the clouds come rolling in. I got pretty wet even though I was wearing a raincoat and took shelter under an outdoor stairway during the worst of it. (I had had enough warning to have ducked inside somewhere, but hey, I know a potential photo-op when I see one.) As rough as the weather was for a little while, it wasn’t the kind of thing that registered much on the big ships in the bay such as this empty freighter (tanker?).

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