POTD: Tree Nymph

POTD: Tree NymphTree Nymph
Seattle, Washington

A black and white photo of a black and white butterfly at the Tropical Butterfly House in the Pacific Science Center.

8 thoughts on “POTD: Tree Nymph”

  1. I like how the background shadows mimic the butterfly’s wing pattern, almost as if there were another larger butterfly behind this one…

    1. I like the background too. I have another very similar photo but with a totally dark background. It isolates the butterfly better but doesn’t have the visual impact as this one does.

    1. Randy, this B&W challenge is an extension of a challenge that’s been going around the social media recently. I’ve noticed several photographers that I follow take up the challenge and challenge others to do it. No one (until now, if you are in fact issuing rather than suggesting the challenge) has challenged me, which is fine because it seems rather redundant on my part since I post a photo every day anyway and they are almost always b&w. Now, granted, I don’t take the photo every day as they suggest you do but I know a number of people aren’t exactly sticking to that stipulation either. Anyway, I will continue with my own self-imposed for over ten years now challenge of posting a new photo every day. That said, there are some quite nice images on the USA Today photo challenge page.

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