POTD: Goo Goo G’ Joob

POTD: Goo Goo G' joobGoo Goo G’ Joob
Seattle, Washington

The interesting facade on the Arctic Club Building in Seattle. The Arctic Club was a fraternal organization for veterans of the Klondike Gold Rush. The title is from the Beatle’s song I Am the Walrus, although I had no idea that’s how you spelled that particular line in the lyrics. (There are some alternate spellings but this one seems to be the most common.)

2 thoughts on “POTD: Goo Goo G’ Joob”

  1. How cool! Have never seen walruses on a building facade before. Guess I never thought about the spelling of those lyrics either. Great photo – love the architectural detail.

    1. Thanks Judy. It is a very lovely classic building. Even though I did it in black and white, it’s worth looking up on the internet to see the colors.

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