POTD: Late Afternoon Shoppers

POTD: Late Afternoon ShoppersLate Afternoon Shoppers
Seattle, Washington

I walked through the Pike Street Market once and only ventured near the perimeter after that. The place was crawling with people pretty much all the time. I’m not even sure what they sell there besides the food items and tourist gewgaws but if I was anyone trying to seriously shop there I’d be really put off by all the tourists (like myself that one time I was there) gawking around all the time.

6 thoughts on “POTD: Late Afternoon Shoppers”

  1. When I saw the title before I clicked on the link. I was thinking of your propensity to take photos of crows and thinking this would be a photo of crows shopping for food goodies ( fish guts etc) at the pike street market

  2. Oh, don’t you love to watch them throw the fish?! I can spend hours at the Market although it does get crowded! I know that sidewalk well. Did you see the little insert in the sidewalk – says something about knowing I would be gone some day – just didn’t know it would be so soon. Great picture!

    1. Thanks Judy. I didn’t see them throw the fish or see the insert in the sidewalk. I guess I was too busy trying to avoid the crowds and looking at shadows.

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