POTD: Makoshika #24

POTD: Makoshika #24Makoshika #24 Makoshika State Park, Montana 2014

Even though its pedestal isn’t much to write home about, I like this balanced rock because of it’s Brobdingnagian egg shape and because the texture in this light looks like craters on the surface of the moon. I guess because of the confusion of scale in some of these photos it might be appropriate to point out that this “egg” is some six or seven feet tall (not including the pedestal), hence the reference to Brobdingnag. It’s interesting to note that eggs actually did play a role in Gulliver’s Travels, but in Lilliput rather than Brobdingnag.]]>

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  1. These last two (Makoshika #23 and 24) are intriguing compositions as well as neat element (e.g. wind, water, fire) sculptures. (I like this spellcheck on your blog, it makes me appear smarter than I am). Any conscious thought on male and female symbolism with these last two or just coincidence?

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