POTD: One for the Record Books

POTD: One for the Record BooksOne for the Record Books Arbon Valley Road, Idaho 2014

Nothing special about this particular photo or this particular spot on the map, but it commemorates for me what must be a personal record of sorts. Last Saturday, while driving some 219 miles on two-lane roads in the middle of the day from I-80 just west of Wendover, Nevada to I-86 just west of Pocatello, Idado, we passed or were passed by another car going in the same direction as we were exactly zero times. I didn’t count the number of cars that passed us going the other direction, but it was not very many. Now that’s an empty highway. As much as I like driving deserted highways, I don’t routinely keep track of how far I go without passing or being passed by another vehicle, but that has to be a record. It doesn’t take much to make my day sometimes.]]>

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