September 2014

POTD: Makoshika #1

POTD: Makoshika #1Makoshika #1 Makhoshika State Park, Montana 2014

The terrain in Makoshika State Park is kind of a cross between the badlands of South Dakota and the slickrock canyons of southern Utah. I like it because it’s closer to my home than either of those places and considerably less traveled (especially in the case of southern Utah).]]>

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POTD: The Shape of Things to Come

POTD: The Shape of Things to ComeThe Shape of Things to Come Hell Creek State Park, Montana 2014

I drove over to eastern Montana late last week to spend a few days in badlands of Makoshika State Park. I spent a night on the way there in the Missouri Breaks on the edge of Ft. Peak Reservoir where I spotted my first sight of the kind of features I was looking forward to exploring and photographing.]]>

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POTD: Binary Translator

2010 Birmingham, ALBinary Translator Birmingham, Alabama 2010

The dots and straight lines are from glue that used to hold some tiles or similar panels above the doors on an old store front in downtown Birmingham. The partial  script is some of the lettering from the store’s name that was on the wall underneath the tiles.]]>

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