POTD: Purple Rain

POTD: Purple RainPurple Rain Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

Much of life in Grenada is lived outside on the street, and rain didn’t seem to affect that at all.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Purple Rain”

  1. These bright colors (even on a gloomy day) continue to amaze me. I would think the buildings would need repainted continually to keep them that bright. Did you ever witness anyone wielding a paintbrush? I notice the sign in the window says Merry Christmas. Did you sample much street food? Interesting. Lots to see here.

    1. Betty, we saw a lot of people out painting buildings. They work pretty hard at keeping up with that in the downtown area anyway. There were also a lot of Christmas decorations around, including a big tree in the plaza. Given the climate, that just seemed kind of odd to us Montanan’s, although I doubt anyway from the South would have found it strange at all. We did sample the street food–and lived to tell about it!

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