POTD: El Pachanguero

POTD: El PachangueroEl Pachanguero Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

We were sitting at a cafe on the plaza in Granada one Saturday night and this open-air bus kept going by on a regular basis. In the back of the bus was a DJ and his music set-up complete with a large set of amplifiers and speakers powered by a gas generator. The very lively music was audible from a block or two away every time the bus came around. We found out later the bus is used to ferry people from the plaza down to the lake about a mile away where all the nightclubs are. It is also used by folks who don’t use it to actually get anywhere,  rather just for a fun Saturday night spin (or two, or three) around town. The literal translation of panchanguero into English is “noisy: rowdy,” of which this bus was both. It also means “party animal” which fits quite well too.]]>