December 2013

POTD: Closing Time

POTD: Closing TimeClosing Time Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

The end of the business day in the meat department of the Grenada Municipal Market.]]>

POTD: Mass Transit #2

POTD: Mass Transit #2Mass Transit #2 Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

There is actually a fourth person on the bike, a child on the lap of her mother. (You can see her leg hanging down below and to the right of the woman’s arm.)

You may have noticed I’ve not switched to black and white images as I indicated I was going to do. Although there may be some exceptions (there always are it seems), I decided that color was just the way to go for this series. Go figure.


POTD: Mass Transit #1

POTD: Mass Transit #1Mass Transit #1 Granada, Nicaragua 2013

Two, or three, or even four people riding together on a bicycle or a motorcycle is not at all uncommon in Grenada. Note that the guy riding in front is so comfortable and secure he is nonchalantly checking the messages on his smart phone.]]>

POTD: Spent Beauty #6

POTD: Spent Beauty #6Spent Beauty #6 Granada, Nicaragua 2013

This leaf, of a tree I don’t know the name of, was laying on the floor of the ruins of the old city hospital in Grenada.


POTD: Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays from Zippy and the Fashion Queen

K1650Larry and Connie Blackwood Lake Nicaragua 2013

Even though we enjoyed our time in Nicaragua, we are happy to be home for the holidays in Bozeman. Wherever you are this year, we hope you are having a wonderful time. And as always, thanks for subscribing to the POTDs; there’s no better gift than knowing my work is appreciated. ]]>

POTD: Last Ride

POTD: Last RideLast Ride Granada, Nicaragua 2013

This is the only hearse I saw in Grenada, so can’t say whether or not horse-drawn hearses are the norm or special. It’s certainly the first one I’ve ever seen actually in use.]]>

POTD: Hearse Driver

POTD: Hearse DriverHearse Driver Granada, Nicargua 2013

A somber or bored (or perhaps both) hearse driver waits at the church door during a funeral.]]>

POTD: Nap Time

POTD: Nap TimeNap Time Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

One more color one I forgot to post before switching to black and white for a while.