January 2014

POTD: Bell Tower Stairs

POTD: Bell Tower StairsBell Tower Stairs Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

These steep stairs in the bell tower of Iglesia Guadeloupe are so narrow they should be one way, except there’d be no way to get back down once you get up to the top. Even with the few people who were there the same time as we were, it took quite a bit of cooperation, and some backing up, to get everyone up and down. Fortunately there were a couple of landings like the one in this photo so people could wait for a break in traffic. At least the traffic gives you an excuse to rest if you happen to need one.]]>

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POTD: Smoke Signals

POTD: Smoke SignalsSmoke Signals Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

A chance cloud and the right camera angle created and interesting illusion at the cemetery in Grenada. The shadow of a winged angle on the adjoining tomb adds to the story somehow too I think.]]>

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POTD: Front Row Seats

POTD: Front Row SeatsFront Row Seats Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

These kids, and their parents in the background, were waiting for one of the nightly Purisima Concepción de Maria processions to come by in the week long celebration in early December. They seemed to have picked a good location except that when the procession went by, the main float was completely surrounded by hundreds of people walking with it which, standing or sitting, made it hard to see anyone except those right around you.]]>

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POTD: Laugh Now

POTD: Laugh NowLaugh Now Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

I’m not even sure what kind of creatures those are, but I’d be lying if I said the thought of them being in charge doesn’t make me at least a little big nervous. But realistically, if it was Congress they were taking over, how much worse could it be? (I usually try to steer clear of politics in my blog posts, but considering the record low approval ratings of Congress, I figured the likelihood of me seriously offending anyone with that comment was pretty slim.)]]>

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