Elevations Exhibit in Rapid City South Dakota

LARRY_BLACKWOOD smallphoto by Victoria Wicks          


Last week I attended the reception for an exhibit of Elevations, a collection of my grain elevator photographs, at the Dahl Art Center in Rapid City, South Dakota. Prior to the reception, I was interviewed for South Dakota Public Radio by Victoria Wicks. You can see a writeup and listen to the interview here.


6 thoughts on “Elevations Exhibit in Rapid City South Dakota”

  1. I saw your exhibit last summer in Kalispell, Montana. I was visiting there with my daughter who had a conference. I also saw you at the art fair and bought three of your swing photographs. Great exhibit!!

    1. Thanks Kathy, and sometimes a shorter interview is better. That’s especially true when it seems to concentrate on my background as much as this one did. I think my work is much more interesting than my history. (I’m not being modest about my background here, I think the same thing is true for most other photographers and artists as well–much rather hear about their work.)

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