February 2014

POTD: Shelter From the Storm

POTD: Shelter From the StormShelter From the Storm Harrison, Montana 2014

I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form “Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”

                                                                              –Bob Dylan


POTD: Dusting

POTD: DustingDusting Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

Because of what the hot springs do to trees, Yellowstone is a great place for me to add to my bare trees collection of images.]]>

POTD: Snow Fence

POTD: Snow FenceSnow Fence Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

I guess technically it’s a fence in the snow, that wouldn’t make a very good title.


POTD: Yellowstone Sublime

POTD: Yellowstone SublimeYellowstone Sublime Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

One thing I love about the hot springs in Yellowstone is they have great potential for creating images with the kind of lavish visual impact worthy of Bierstadt, J.M.W. Turner, and the Hudson River School of painters.


POTD: Exoskeleton

POTD: ExoskeletonExoskeleton Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2013

An interesting twist of tree branches, dead and alive.


POTD: The Ragged Edge of Winter

POTD: The Ragged EdgeThe Ragged Edge of Winter Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

A thin film of water flowing over the travertine at Mammoth Hot Springs; another example of a hot springs fighting back winter.]]>

POTD: Frost in the Air

POTD: Frost in the AirFrost in the Air Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

Hot water and steam  at Mammoth Hot Springs keeps snow and ice from building up on the ground yet actually forms heavy frost on the trees above.]]>

POTD: Yellowstone Thumb

POTD: Yellowstone ThumbYellowstone Thumb Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

I always think of this dormant hot springs feature as being a giant thumb, but the official name is Liberty Cap. It was named that in 1877 because of it’s resemblance to the shape of the peaked red hats (bonnet rouge) worn during the French Revolution. 19b7a695-8b82-486d-9a1d-e60d3933b0b5  ]]>