Day: February 8, 2014

Big Letters, Big Head

Holter MuseumHolter Museum of Art Helena, Montana 2014

We drove up to Helena, MT to the Holter Museum of Art earlier today where I gave an artist talk in connection with my Opus Corvus exhibit there. It was the most well attended artist talk I think I’ve ever had, with over 40 people enthusiastic people there. I took this photo afterwards because I’ve never seen my name in letters that big anywhere before. They really know how to pump up your ego at the Holter!]]>

POTD: Visiting Day

POTD: Visiting DayVisiting Day Grenada, Nicaragua 2013

Nicaragua in general and Grenada in particular are really quite safe places, and I never felt threatened there, even when lugging a fairly expensive camera outfit around. Still, bars and grates on windows and doors seemed to be standard equipment on most buildings and houses. I guess safety is always a matter of degree (which might explain those hired guards armed with shotguns at every ATM in town). This father and son standing outside the security gate at a house talking to the folks inside gives the impression of a visit to criminals in jail.]]>